Chicken little the sky is falling

Contributed by J.U.Das

Toni Tuttoni was brought up on the mean streets of Brooklyn.His parents had come from Calabria just north of Sicily.He specialised in providing performance improvement advice to chicken ranches.

The pueblo Indians of Santa Fe were successfully running a large chicken ranch when a rumour of an impending pandemic was spread by a wily fox.The small Big Chief called the God of Skies went to Toni Tuttoni and asked for help.

Toni said,"Do not worry little Big Chief -the God of Skies ,go and play Wagner to the chicken".Wagner was actually not as bad as it sounded but next morning half the chicken were found dead .

The Chief went next morning to Toni and asked for advice.Toni Tuttoni said,"Hare Krishna chants will surely revive the chicken.Let the chicken listen to harinaam". Several Hare Krishna devotees were brought in to chant Hare Krishna all night. But half of the rest of the chicken died.

The little Big Chief went again for advice and Toni Tuttoni the global expert on poultry advisory said,"Play the sitar and the guitar in harmony-the East will surely meet the Waste."

However,next morning the rest of the chicken died.

The tiny Big Chief went to Toni Tuttoni and reported the disaster.

Toni looked very disappointed,"What a bloody pity," he said, "I had so many more ideas and so much more advice to give!!!!"