Feludar Hattrick

Feludar Hattrick -Imagineering Ray

After the box office success of Tintorettor Jishu (Jesus by Tintoretto) there is no end to speculation. Which is the next Feluda film? The maestro Ray himself had directed Sonar Kella (The Golden Fortress) and Joy Baba Felunath (The Elephant God).His son has directed Bombayer Bombete (The pirates in Mumbai), Kailashey Kelenkari (The Kailash Scandal) and most recently Tintorettor Jishu.

Grapevine is now abuzz that this time we will have a three-in-one like Ray’s Tin Kanya ( The three daughters). Each one of the episodes will be packed with action, thrill and intrigue.The stories are based on Ray’s unpublished short stories on white collar crimes.

The first one is called Dal Mian Mein Kala based on the short story Chennaier Chittingbudge. It is about a jute baron from Calcutta who becomes a software czar in Chennai .He swindles hundreds of millions of dollars from investors and banks by printing fake share certificates. The culprit Dal Mian ends up in a prison cell .His clever accomplice is Kala Kesto.According to Jatayu he is called Kala not because he is swarthy but because his "auditorium" faculties are impaired ( challenged hearing). Kala Kesto escapes miraculously to surface in the next film with a diiferent alias :Khoka Kesto because he appears naive, innocent and immature.

The next episode is called Bishhayan Banker Bishwasghatak . In this episode, Khoka Kesto is hand-in-glove with the villain Ram Gopal Jolly. There is a breath-taking scene in the turbulent waters near the coast of Somalia where the notorious Sicilian pirate and mafia--- Don Crook Scandalini engages in gun battle with Feluda. Jatayu falls into the sea and is rescued from the cold waters by a roving helicopter .

The last episode is called Cyberabadey Sottonash . A gang of four villains dressed as sages : Gopla Muni, Kesto Muni, Vadla Muni and Hapis Muni. The finale is a scene where Harry Houdini's vanishing scene is replayed. P C Sorcar vanishes an elephant .The Gang of Four evaporate mountains of wealth. The leader of the gang sports a white shock of hair and talks incoherently because of low IQ.

The director held a press conference at Sutanuti Club.He said that he intends to release this “film” in the next quarter . The new Feluda will be Tota Roy Chaudhuri and the serial villain will be Mithun Chakraborty who excelled as Minister Fatakesto. The movie uses Hindustani music -Thumris and Bhajans as in Joybaba and Tintoretto. Bhoomi's Hori Bol Hori Bol Boley Sonar Gour nechey jaye will be used with telling effect. Recently, Chandrabindoo's Vindeshi Tara has been sung by Anindya with a subtle twist as the theme song of Antaheen.

As Feluda finally closes in on the Gang of Four -there is music in the background -Gopal Bolo Hari Govinda Bolo /Govinda Bolo Hari Gopal Bolo /Gopal Gopal Hari Bol Bolo/Hari Bol Gopal Hari Bol Bolo/ Bolo Hari /Hari Bol/Bolo Hari/ Hari Bol. And with this villain Kesto is put to pasture for ever.